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How I bought legal weed in Washington, D.C. (commentary)

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How I bought legal weed in Washington, D.C.

Tom Wrobleski | [email protected]

Shouldn’t be difficult, right?

On a recent trip to Washington, D.C., I wanted to see how easy it was to buy legal recreational marijuana.

Because these days, who doesn’t need to blaze a little bit in the nation’s capital, right? But it turns out that scoring weed wasn’t as straightforward as I thought.

Washington Post photo by Sarah L. Voisin

Legalize it!

In 2014, D.C. residents voted to legalize the recreational use of weed by a vote of 67 percent. Medicinal weed had previously been approved.

Washington Post photo by Charles Ommanney

Smokable and edible too

Possession of up to two ounces is legal. So you can smoke it. Or eat it baked into cookies, brownies or other edibles. You can grow it yourself. Yay, right?

But you can’t buy or sell it. Congressional lawmakers opposed to legalization put a rider in a 2014 budget bill that prevents recreational marijuana from being commercially sold in the district. So that means you can’t just walk into a store and buy marijuana products, like you can in Colorado, Oregon and other places. It also can’t be smoked out in public.


So D.C. potheads and so-called “ganjapreneurs” have had to be crafty in order to come up with alternate ways to distribute and acquire marijuana. Not “buy” and “sell,” mind you. That’s against the law.

Field research

So I did a little research on the way to the district to see how a tourist would get a hold of marijuana in Washington. How do you buy weed if it’s not legal to sell it?

Washington Post photo by Michael S. Williamson

“Puff, pass and paint”

I found you can go to a dance or arts-and-crafts parties where smokables and edibles are sold by vendors. The Washington Post likens these events to marijuana farmer’s markets. There are also other events, like “Puff, Pass and Paint” parties, where folks paint and blaze. You have to bring your own weed, though.

Washington Post photo by Sarah L. Voisin

For medicinal purposes too

D.C. also has relatively loose medical marijuana regulations, meaning that doctors can very easily prescribe it for just about any ailment or condition. So more people can take advantage of it.

Photo for The Washington Post by Astrid Riecken

But among the most popular ways to get weed is to acquire it when you buy other items, such as artwork, juice or apparel. Just buy the item, and they’ll throw in a couple of buds or edibles as a “thank you” or “bonus” for purchasing their product. Remember, gifting weed to someone above the age of 21 is perfectly legal in D.C.

A little pricey

But some of the stuff I saw for purchase online was expensive. The site District of C sells artwork and jewelry (with pot thrown in) for between $60 and $95. Another site called Red Eye offers six freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that contain no cannabis but offers a free gift on the side.

Tom Wrobleski | [email protected]

One of the best websites I found was called Pink Fox. They had an array of apparel you could buy, much of it in the $25 to $35 range. And they had a really good FAQ that answered a lot of my questions about the ins and outs of making the deal.

The Washington Post photo by Evelyn Hockstein

Making the connection

I sent an email and got a call from a guy named Mark (not pictured) shortly afterward. He told me that the delivery fee for anything was $100, which was out of my range. When I asked about coming by their store, he told me that Pink Fox doesn’t have storefronts. He said the service uses one of three Metro stations in town to meet customers: L’Enfant Plaza, Waterfront station and Federal Center SW.

Here’s the deal

Mark told me that the price for items was anywhere from $15 to $500, depending on how much weed would be included as a gift. He said I could get a drawstring backpack with some edibles in it for $20. I opted for the edibles because I couldn’t smoke in the hotel and didn’t feel comfortable slinking out alone to smoke a joint in an unfamiliar city. We agreed to arrange a meet-up the next day.

How I bought legal weed in Washington, D.C. (commentary) Advance collage How I bought legal weed in Washington, D.C. Tom Wrobleski | [email protected] Shouldn’t be

5 Easy Ways to Find Weed in DC

Medical and recreational use of marijuana is legal in DC, but not without tight regulations. Residents can use and grow weed at home and share up to one ounce of their supply in private locations. However, selling recreational marijuana is still prohibited. If you’re wondering how to find weed in DC , here are your top five options and what rules you must observe to avoid fines and arrests.

How to Find Weed in DC

1. Online Weed Delivery

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If you prefer getting recreational weed without the hassle of leaving your home or hotel, look for shops that have a delivery service. You can get more information on how to find weed in DC through individual shops’ websites, social media accounts, or cannabis directories. Aside from your private residence, you can also have it delivered at a restaurant or during events.

Since getting weed in exchange for money, goods, or services is illegal, shops usually sell items like shirts, stickers, artwork, cards, lighters, juices, and caps and provide recreational marijuana as a free gift. Note that you can only participate in these transactions if you are at least 21 years old.

Aside from browsing their menu, check out their online reviews, service areas, minimum order requirements, and offers like veteran or terminally ill discounts and first-time patient specials. Some of these shops are open 24/7, so you can always give them a call when you need to replenish your supply.

2. Private Meetup

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If you can’t meet the minimum requirement for deliveries, you can arrange a private meetup. We will not ask for your medical card, but we do require a copy of your ID.

Remember that DC follows a home grow, home use policy. Whether you’re opting for a meetup or a delivery, make sure you comply with regulations on weed possession and use. Conduct these weed-related activities outside federal properties—which make up 29% of the District—such as national parks and federally subsidized housing facilities. When visiting public places, do not carry more than two ounces of weed.

Wait until you get home to use or eat cannabis products. Remember that smoking marijuana in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or even inside your parked car is illegal. Moreover, you can get arrested if caught driving or operating a boat under the influence of marijuana.

3.Cannabis Events

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If you want to interact with other weed supporters or learn more about the industry, consider joining marijuana events or pop-ups. You can surely find an activity that captures your interest, from poetry to art sessions, music, cooking classes, and yoga.

You can learn about these events through social media sites like our Instagram and Facebook, and cannabis websites like

These events don’t require you to carry your medical card. But be ready to flash your ID as proof of your age.

4. Certified Dispensaries

If you have a medical marijuana card, you can check out one of the certified dispensaries in DC. As of December 2019, the District has seven dispensaries located in six out of DC’s eight wards. These establishments source their medical marijuana from eight local cultivators licensed by the Department of Health.

You can choose from their broad range of products—from Sativa, Indica, and hybrid to tinctures (cannabis infusions), concentrates, pre-rolls, and edibles—and accessories.

These establishments are licensed to sell up to four ounces (113.4 grams) of products to DC’s over 6,000 registered patients every 30 days. If you need help selecting a strain or product that’s best for your health condition, you can ask their highly trained teams or speak with their wellness consultants.

If your condition prevents you from traveling to a dispensary, your Department of Health-registered caregiver can purchase it for you. If you’re a patient from one of over 25 jurisdictions with equivalent medical marijuana programs like Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Delaware, you can still buy the same volume from DC dispensaries. However, you’ll need to present your medical marijuana card or state documentation as well as a state or government-issued ID. Note that these businesses will not allow your caregiver to buy the medicines if you are not with them at the dispensary.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are often designed similar to doctors’ clinics, and others have floor plans that are wheelchair accessible. Since credit cards usually can’t be used to buy weed, some stores have ATMs nearby so customers can conveniently withdraw cash.

Before visiting a dispensary, check out their website for store-specific policies such as pre-order requirements. Patients can also take advantage of their offers as well as rewards programs.

Aside from selling medicines, certified dispensaries may also assist DC residents in applying for or renewing their medical marijuana cards. Browse their websites for more information on getting a cannabis card.

5. Grow It

If you’re a DC patient who enjoys gardening or you wish to curb your regular cannabis expenses, consider cultivating marijuana on your primary private residence . The only exception is if you live in public housing, where using marijuana remains illegal. DC’s cannabis laws allow adult residents to cultivate up to six plants, a maximum of three of which can be mature. Meanwhile, households with multiple adults can have up to 12 plants, up to six of which are mature.

Aside from ensuring consistent supply and generating potential savings, growing your own weed gives you the added benefit of sharing it with your legal-aged friends. To stay compliant, keep your weed gifts within or below one ounce.

There are establishments providing cannabis seeds, marijuana clones, and pre-teens or teens to DC patients. Before placing an order online, do adequate research on available strains, the benefits of starting from seeds or getting clones, medicinal differences, high-yielding varieties, as well as the authenticity of the stores’ items.

When picking up your order, be sure to have your marijuana card or physician statement with you as well as your ID. To increase your chances of a good harvest, ask vendors for growing tips, and join in-person or online classes.

If you’re wondering how to find weed in DC, check out Ghouse . We offer deliveries and provide free edibles during private meetups. To view our menu, visit our website and text 420DC to (202) 845-9928 to place your order. Follow us on Instagram to find out more about our 420-friendly and Initiative 71-compliant private get-togethers.

If you are looking for weed events or weed delivery in DC we are your best choice! Come check us and find out if there’s anything that you like to purchase and get a free edible!