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The 15 Best Grinders That’ll Prevent You From Ruining Your Good Weed

There’s no sense in holding onto a crummy grinder when there are plenty of better options out there.

Sans a decent grinder, you might as well chop an entire gram in two, stuff one half as is into a rolling paper, and throw the other half into the garbage. Good grinder blades will seamlessly cut through your dry herb, sifting out the bad chunks and preserving the extra-potent pollen. They’ll create a little mound of fine, fluffy weed to roll, vape, or hell, bake into a cake. No dirty smoke, no lost product, not a bit of that eighth wasted.

You can seriously invest in this kind of accessory if you want, but you can also find some solid, inexpensive options. These 15 weed grinders—many of them with four pieces to grind bud, sift pollen, and store the results properly—each have their own strengths. One ought to suit your cannabis-consuming ways. And we’ll take the opportunity now to pair this guide with an always-timely reminder to smoke responsibly. We don’t mean legally (we’re no sticklers for the word of the law when that law itself is outdated and discriminatory). We mean, choose to support grassroots legalization and social justice efforts in the cannabis industry, and buy from dispensaries owned by minorities and companies that give back to communities when possible. Now, onto the grinders.

Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s crap. This zinc alloy grinder comes with five pieces—including two mesh screens to sift pollen from your weed, and a little scraper to use for the catch tray so not a speck is wasted—with sharp teeth and a magnetic seal. If it seems too large, then remove a mesh screen to shorten it.

Only 1.5 inches across, this grinder is an inexpensive and downright tiny means of readying cannabis bud to smoke. It’s not what we’d call “heavy-duty,” but it’s a decent grinder to have for traveling, in addition to a sturdier grinder for regular, at-home use.

The Kingtop grinder is nearly as big as the palm of your hand, great for when you have a considerable amount of bud and don’t need to be discrete. Its four pieces include a magnetically sealed cap, a grinder, a mesh screen, and a catch tray—a big one, at that—and its 45 teeth ensure smooth grinding.

Mendo Mulcher makes some tough grinders—all out of solid, aircraft-grade aluminum—but this one might be the most useful. At only 1.75 inches across, it’s best for travel, and its extra-grippy construction ensures you won’t slip up while using it despite its small size. With only two pieces, you’re short a mesh filter. But it does have a cool, hardware quality to it.

This grinder has a lotta happy customers. Makes sense. It grinds weed evenly and with precision, it’s built like a tank, it has a mesh screen and strong magnetic seal, and it hovers around 20 bucks. It’s a workhorse, built from materials that’ll keep it gliding through many a grind.

For a more tactile option, get Aerospaced’s grinder. The hand crank operates a set of blades, which chop up weed and filter it through a mesh screen. The clear lid allows you to monitor the entire operation.

If you’d call your personal style minimalist and refined, then here’s a grinder to match it. Made from aluminum alloy and unmarked with labels and logos, it is an accessory worthy of a high-class vape and top-grade flower.

Magic Flight’s grinder is part of its wooden Launch Box vape kit, fitting snugly over the opening of the vape so you can transfer freshly ground bud without a mess. If you’re looking for a beautifully carved, non-aluminum grinder (the grate is made from stainless steel) that’s part of a matched set—hell of a flex, right?—opt for this.

Phoenician medical-grade grinders get you a medium sheer on your weed—not too fine or too chunky. But more importantly, their grippy sides and deep bowls are intended to help users with arthritis (or folks with clumsy hands).

The Tectonic9 leans to the Inspector Gadget side of things. You put the weed into the chamber and grind it up, standard procedure. But accessing it is what is pretty damn nifty: That silver dispenser flips up from underneath the grinder and fits over a hole (which you manually open and close). Tip, and freshly ground herb neatly falls out.

The Pillar wasn’t built to be shoved in a junk drawer or lost under the couch. It glimmers, it is gold. Or rather, brushed brass. It’s a statement grinder if we’ve ever seen one. Besides aluminum grinding teeth and a scraper, the catch compartment is impressively spacious.

You get into spoil-yourself territory with the Santa Cruz Schredder. Known for its unique tooth design, it churns out perfectly ground, fluffy weed into a canister sealed with extra-strong magnets. You buy it once, then never have to worry about buying a grinder again.

Kannastör’s grinder is a mix-and-match marvel with extra storage options, two removable screens, and the option to break it down into a more portable size. Better yet, it comes with two interchangeable graters (hence the name) plates so you can pick your coarseness—fine or medium. Made with hardened aluminum in a matte design that looks real nice, it’ll last you.

Instead of aluminum or zinc alloy like most cheaper grinders, Iaso’s grinder is constructed out of stainless steel. That means the canister and its teeth will stay strong. Iaso also uses a special labyrinth seal design intended to prevent annoying binding or sticking. It’s a luxe option for sure.

Here’s where things get wild: an electric grinder. Eliminate user error altogether. The Otto automatically adjusts to the herb, sensing exactly what grind is required for the best results. Then, it funnels what it grinds directly into a paper cone for easy rolling (you can skip this step). Of course, then you’re stuck with machine error—charging, storage, maintenance, all that. Nevertheless, it’s a cool toy.

These 15 best weed grinders—most of them with four pieces to grind marijuana bud, sift pollen, and store the results—are available online and fit any budget.

Best Herb Grinders for Vaporizing

Like peanut butter and jelly, cheech and chong, or grilled cheese and tomato soup…vaporizers and grinders go hand in hand. The number one accessory I can recommend with the purchase of a vaporizer is a grinder.

A grinder can easily break down your dry herbs into a much more consistent texture and allows for an even vape of your herbs without having to stir or mix your bowls. This maximizes the surface area of the herbs that are heated which helps your vaporizer perform more efficiently.

Even the best dry herb vaporizer needs a grinder to fully maximize it’s potential.

Here’s why you need a grinder:
  • More consistent material
  • Improves efficiency of your vape
  • Faster to break down herbs
  • Storage for herbs

All in all, if you have a vaporizer, you should buy a grinder because it will make your life much easier.

What are the best grinders for vaping?

The first thing you should know when looking for the right type of grinder is that different grinders produce different consistencies that work best for certain vaporizers. You should also find out if you have a conduction or convection vaporizer.

For the most part, if you have a conduction type vaporizer like the Pax 3, Davinci IQ Pax 2, Pax, Haze v3, Ascent, G Pen Elite or Solo, you should be using a fine type of grind. If you use mostly convection type vaporizers like the Volcano, Herbalizer, Firefly 2, CloudEvo, or Grasshopper, then you should be using a more coarse type grinder.

Below I will recommend 3 of the best herb grinders for vaping that I personally use on a daily basis and what vapes they work best with. I’ve owned these grinders for years and I can attest to their strength, quality and type of grind you can expect.

#1 – Santa Cruz Shredder (4 Piece Large)

Price: $74.95 | Grind Type: Coarse | Shop: POTV or Vapeworld

The first grinder that I recommend is the Santa Cruz Shredder. The SCS is in my opinion one of the best engineered grinders that you can buy. It’s made in the USA, uses an innovative technique to “shred” herb, and never sticks or catches on anything. It literally shreds everything without a problem.

I recommend the SCS for convection type vaporizers because it produces a coarser type of grind. This type of grind performs better with convection type vaporizers because the herbs are not as condensed and allow for more air flow.

SCS Tip: You could get away with using this type of grinder for other portables if you flip it upside down and re-grind the material. I still recommend picking up something like the MFLB finishing grinder for the Pax to get the best results.

The Santa Cruz Shredder will work best with the vapes like the Firefly 2, Firefly, Crafty, Air, Mighty, CloudEvo, Solo and the Volcano.

#2 – Space Case (4 Piece)

Price: $89.95 | Grind Type: Medium | Shop: POTV or Vapeworld

The next grinder I recommend is the Space Case. I consider it middle of the road as far as grind type. It produces finer herbs than the SCS but more coarse than the third option. I’ve used this grinder for years and it’s pretty popular among vaporist.

I recommend the Space Case for vaporizers life the Pax, Haze, V2 Pro Series 3 and most above.

#3 – Magic-Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder

Price: $39 | Grind Type: Fine | Shop: POTV or Vapeworld

The third grinder I recommend is the MFLB Finishing Grinder. This grinder produces a really fine grind and works perfect for conduction vaporizers. It basically turns the herb to a powder which makes it extremely easy to pack tight.

*I definitely recommend this if you already have the MFLB. It attaches directly to the trench and makes loading super easy.

I recommend the Finishing Grinder for vaporizers like the Pax 3, Davinci IQ, Pax 2, Ascent, Pax, Haze V3, Puffit-X, and FlowerMate v5.0S.

There are many more grinders to choose from out there but these are the three that I use on a daily basis. Click here for a complete list of grinders available to buy. These are also the three that I’ve had the best results with the combination of vaporizers that I’ve tested.

Let me know in the comments what kind of set up you have and what grinder produces the best results for you so other people can see what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks for checking out my site and feel free to hit me up with any questions about the best grinders for vaporizers.

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Well got DaVinci IQ today so went and order me a MFLB per your advice let you know how it does thanks for the info.

Thanks for all this great information! I have a question about the PAX3 and the Santa Cruz 4 piece grinder. I’ve noted that you recommend a fine grind for the PAX3 and to achieve this with the Santa Cruz one needs to turn it over to regrind the herb finer. With the 4 piece grinder should I leave the kief catcher in place or take it off for fine grinding? Also, with a PAX3 where do you add back in the kief?

“New to PAX3 user”

Buzz Danklin says

In my opinion you are better off leaving ht kief catcher in place, and I generally make a ‘kief sandwich’ so put some fresh herb (or avb if you are out) on the bottom of the oven, and then put some kief on top of that, and then put another layer of dry herb on top of that.

Thanks for the great postings! Much appreciated.

I recently got myself a Pax 3 it is my first dry herb vaporizer. Which grinder(s) would you recommend specifically for the Pax 3 and why? I don’t know if it helps but I enjoy a good airflow when drawing and I like to enjoy the flavor as well.

Buzz Danklin says

Thank you for the kind words Jorge,

If you are looking for the biggest clouds and strongest effects I recommend a very find grind. The MFLB Finishing grinder is a great choice. Another “free” option would be to use your current grinder, but flip it upside-down while you are grinding. This will prevent the material from dropping into the storage below, and instead continue to get ground up finer and finer.

If you are looking for the best airflow a coarse fluffy grind works best, and for this I recommend the Santa Cruz Shredder.

If you are looking for a one size fits all grinder without buying a few different types, I would go for the Santa Cruz, and then utilize the upside down grinding method when you are the fine grind, and grind it standard when you want the coarse grind

Hey Buzz, I enjoyed your review but this is the first review i’ve read that says the SCS’s “shreds” Coarser than than the Sp.Cases(and I could be wrong please know this a friendly discussion, no wrong answers =D.) I watched a Video on youtube of a bunch of wierd brands like the one I remember was named “Black tie” and was like #2 on their best (SCS was the only brand I recognized to be quality from the Ents and reviews) I don’t own any great grinders. I’m very interested in Zeus’s Bolt – 2 series with its unique claim to produce a “Fine Fluff Grind” that comes from its post placement in different angles but can’t find a single indepth review other than the picture posted on r/Vaporants that alerted me to the grinder to begin with and his slideshow of pictures was .088 ground thru the Bolt and it being Fluffed enough that when feed through a funnel into an empty brand new screened Sticky Brick HydroBrick Maxx’s chamber and it was filled to the rim…blew my mind cause the H.B. isn’t exactly designed for microdosing (although it is absolutely capable) and the thing is only $50 or $60 for an extra 3/4th of an inch…I think…Don’t quote me lol. Anyway i’ve heard nothing on the Bolt since his post almost half a year ago now and was wondering if you had experience with it first or second hand. Also How is the Cali crusher and the Groove? I love innovative designs but also need functionality or I might as well stick with the grinder that came free with my PIU order and the Trees Grinder is not bad, ive just been noticing metal flakes mlre and more and where it used to grind consistantly, a chunk here or there/ grind, but now its either a normal grind with a few clumps or shake that is completely inconsistent. I know it’s a lot to ask but i’d really appreciate the help before potentially spending anywhere from a quarter of a good Vaporizer to half the price of a good one.

Thank you
Clay F.

Buzz Danklin says

Hey Clay, If you are getting metal flakes in my opinion it’s definitely time to switch grinders.

I do find that my Spacecase grinds finer/smaller and the way it grinds it leaves the chunks fairly compact. With the Santa Cruz Shredder it seems to tear/shred the herb more, so the pieces are larger/coarser and fluffier. I have never tried the Zues Bolt however looking at photos it looks closer to a Spacecase style grinder with the diamond teeth.

If you plan to continue to consume herb for the long term I think you should consider going with a high end grinder despite the raised prices because a good one will last a decade or more if taken care of. I the Santa Cruz Shredder best personally, that is the one I always end up falling back on no matter how many new grinders I get or try, I always end up back at the SCS as my main grinder. I really like both their 3 piece and 4 piece units so it just depends on if you want to separate and stash kief, or just leave it on the herb. With that said I also think the Cali crusher is a good choice, and the Groove looks interesting but I have not tried it myself.

Oh, and this is a diff Greg than the author above!

Buzz Danklin says

Hey all, Da Buddah convection whip does great with powderized herb using spice grinder. I use 4 screens and clean them after about 8 sessions when draw gets too impeded by clogged screens. I fill about 1/3 of the chamber and get about 12 nice draws before losing flavor (most strains), then stir and get about 8 more before it goes to grunge. Vaping one or two bowls/nightly like this makes a 1/2 oz last a month.

Buzz Danklin says

That is awesome. Thank you for sharing your techniques!

I enjoyed your review especially since many don’t split them between conduction or convection. I have an Extreme Q and because of its somewhat unique design and the options it has (fan, whip, no whip, DDave Mod or not) I was wondering if you thought the SC Shredder was the best option for my vaporizer and my goals (vape, not combust)?

Also, as a non-smoker I keep my temps around 185-190c since I don’t want combustion. I’ve read the method of packing the “bowl” shaped mesh screen that goes into the glass elbow but I wasn’t sure if that was for people vaping, using combustion, or both.

I actually have a few more questions. New to medical vaping, sorry. 🙁 I was wondering what your thoughts are on the DDave Mods? For a non-combustion user is this even needed, and if you think it would make a big difference which size would I get? The 14mm or the 18mm?

Using either the original cyclone bowl or whichever DDave Mod you suggested (if you suggested one) do you recommend a high or low fan speed?

I find getting the sticky herb out of my current “POS” grinder (no that is not a brand name lol) a huge pain. I was wondering if there was a brush, or other item or method (I hear the freezer and a coin helps and hitting on the counter, but haven’t tried it yet) to quickly get your herb out of your shredder? My current idea until I replace my grinder is to put it in a big Ziplock Bag and clamp my hands around the small straw used with compressed air and to scatter it around the inside of the bag and just shake it until it all gets to the bottom of the plastic bag. Or will this no longer be even an issue if I get a real grinder and not 2 pieces of metal with spikes in them. lol

Lastly, (I swear!) even though my medical clinic warned me off of it, I was finding my herb being used up fairly fast, and sometimes starting to combust, even under the combustion temp if I used it for more then a few minutes. I now put hot water in a small clear plastic ml cup (the kind you may have been handed by your mom to take cough syrup) and put it in a small jar with a lid and put a few full buds in another container such as a pill bottle without the lid, and leave it for 12-24h with the jar lid on tight. I then let it dry a bit in the air if I think it needs it and then grind it. I’ve found this gave me coarser grinds and the extra moisture made the herb last longer by having more moisture to boil off to release vapor and to prevent combustion. I only do a few days worth at a time to avoid mold, which is also why I usually leave it open to the air after I take it out of the jar for at least an hour. Any thought on what I’m doing.

There, that wasn’t QUITE a book worth of text… (Probably wished you hadn’t checked the comments…) Sorry, and, thanks!

Hey, you have shared very nice article full of interesting information. you make some good points about herbalizer vaporizer that I never thought about.
Thanks for sharing.

Break down of the most popular grinders and which ones work best for vaporizers. The right grind makes all the difference in your sessions. Find out why.