best time of day to harvest cannabis

Best time of day to harvest cannabis

Idk, it surely sounds nice and convincing but I truly doubt THC levels vary during the day, there’s no logic to explain how it could change, maybe from THCa into THC, but that sounds very fishy.

I think the main point to harvest before sunrise is because of plant metabolism and the sugars staying in the buds during the day. These sugars could alter the taste and burning, maybe the overall quality but not THC levels.

My thinking is simple, cut the buds when you can. Applies great for guerrilla growing where it would be unsafe to walk in the woods at nights with wild animals and maybe hunters.
I always cut my buds in the afternoon when it’s safest not to meet folks in the wild, always great buds if enough developed, which is the only thing of proper relevance IMO.

Do any of the legal growers have more info/experience on this topic? It would be interesting to hear if there were any tests done.

This will be a very “bare bones” summation of the photosynthetic chemistry:

Photosynthesis breaks down into a Light-Dependent Reaction and a Light-Independent Reaction. The light-dependent reaction uses, not too surprisingly, light, but it uses the water (actually, the hydrogen part of the water, which releases the oxygen). This part of photosynthesis shifts the light energy into energy of several carriers, including a lot of ATP. These energy carriers drive the light-independent reaction, which uses the carbon dioxide and actually makes the glucose. For most plants on a typically sunny day, when the sun goes down the light-dependent reaction stops, but the backlog of energy carriers it has made may keep the light-independent reaction going until the middle of the night.
Its interesting that photosynthesis is a sort of “mirror image” to

aerobic respiration: C6H12O6 + O2 energy to ATP > CO2 + H2O

It uses glucose and oxygen and accesses the energy stored in the glucose, releasing carbon dioxide and water. Even in some of the more detailed steps, the two processes still “reflect” each other. For instance, the oxygen binds to hydrogen to make the water.

so the best time would indicate a lack of sugars and that would be in the morning (before daybreak would be ideal) after it has used the energy for completing the light-independent reaction and has not yet photosynthesized more.

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Best time of day to harvest outdoors? Cannabis Growing Questions forum at International Cannagraphic Magazine. ]]>