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The top 420 Girls from the website and magazine, now between book covers for the first time. Could there be anything better? Here are naked girls smoking Marijuana, the finest selection of the hottest babes `n’ buds. Playboy Bunnies, Penthouse Pets, Amateur models and more, all promoting and standing behind Mother Nature. Smokin’ hot!

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I started 420 Girls in 1993 to bring attention to the most important cause ever known to mankind. Millions of innocent people all over the world are being arrested; their families and futures are being destroyed and patients are suffering from side effects from chemical drugs that Medical Marijuana could treat. Once known to man as the most “superior” herb on Earth, it’s now treated differently, governments all over the world refuse to legalize Hemp, claiming that “It will confuse law enforcement officials and send a wrong message to our children.” My mission is to Legalize Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp by creating awareness through entertainment, and education.

The War on Marijuana and industrial Hemp is in fact, a war of information.

Hemp can be used as our sole source for fiber, fuel, paper, plastic and fiberboard. Hemp fuel can provide us with the world’s energy needs, while eliminating the global dependency on our depleting fossil fuels. Industrial Hemp can solve our planet’s problems by making over 420,000 different biodegradable, environmentally safe products that grow 100% herbicide and pesticide FREE, unlike other products which only continue to destroy our environment!

The term “420” started out as underground slang for its users to secretly announce they had weed, or were about to smoke, and its believed that the first origins came from about the late sixties. Today, it is a common slang used by millions worldwide. A 420 Girl is a female who smokes weed. It’s no secret that sex sells and it’s thanks to the 420 Girls for their dedication to this project. To help spread the word, most of them donated their time for this cause! Playboy Bunnies, Penthouse Pets, Amateur models and more, all promoting and standing behind Mother Nature!

I have compiled this coffee table book to send my message that the days of little camp fires and acoustic gatherings are indeed fond memories, but it’s time to bring out the artillery, its time for change. I’d like to think this book will be used to educate people around the world for many years to come.

Special thanks first and foremost to you the readers of my book! Also much respect to the members and viewers of my websites and Also the amazing growers who let me use their gardens to shoot in and of course, Goliath Books my publisher and all of the 420 Girls!

I dedicate this book to Jack Herer, and our continued mission to create cannabis awareness and to help the world so we can end this ridiculous war on a plant!

Finally, life is worth living again! The two most appealing aspects of any man’s life have come together in a just-about-god-damn-perfect book, Naked Girls Smoking Weed. Everybody loves getting baked and everybody loves watching hot chicks take off their clothes, right? We just don’t understand how the world survived this long without a book like this. Culled from the archives of the popular weed-chicks website 420 Girls, photographer Rob Griffin has put combined man’s two greatest loves in a fantastic book that reminds us all what life is about! As if the nudity weren’t enough, this book’s also packed with all kinds of educational tidbits about pot! Now pass that fuckin’ bong! — TLA Video

Marijuana advocate, Photographer, Visionary!

Rob Griffin publishes one of the coolest books ever. Everyone should get it!

This book is great! And it’s long overdue. Never has a movement needed a bigger boost than the “legalize cannabis” camp. Facing an almost insurmountable wall of oppression, proponents of marijuana seem almost on the verge of having their beloved plant legalized time and again, only to have it marginally defeated at the ballot box. And along comes Rob Griffin, founder of the famous website. A courageous advocate of medical marijuana and hemp, Griffin created an amazing website, and now this book, in the hope that viewers will listen to his message.

Sure, he’s using gorgeous, naked models to sell his message. But at this point, anything that works is what needs to be done. Every one of these girls is stunning. And that they are unafraid to strut their stuff in the buff, while smoking sativa, makes them not only the sexiest girls on the planet – but also the bravest. The message is vital, the girls are fabulous, and the photography is flawless. — Jack Gilbert – Editor of

Rob Griffin, the American founder of the well-known website, has published a pretty unusual book of photos, one that could easily have been thought up by Soft Secrets: ‘Naked Girls Smoking Weed’. In this publication of almost 160 pages, Griffin has brought together the best photos that have been published over the years on his web site, on which beautiful, naked or half-naked American girls pose willingly in weed plantations, in grow spaces or simply with an enormous bong between their voluptuous lips.

If this suggests to you that Rob Griffin is just some sleazy geezer who has spotted a gap in the market, you’d be wrong, because his story is more than just an exercise in money grubbing. Griffin was arrested in 1992 in Maryland carrying some weed in his pocket, was convicted, and as a result of this was banned from exercising his right to vote ever again. Griffin was so pissed off at this that he decided to delve in to the archives to learn all he could about marijuana and especially the politics of drugs.

Before he knew it, he was busy with a consciousness-raising campaign to bring to public attention the many abuses of the War on Drugs in general, and the ‘War on Weed’ in particular. And since as everyone knows, ‘sex sells’, and because Griffin is a hobby photographer with an impressive troupe of ex-girlfriends (among them well-known porno stars from LA such as Brittany Andrews, Chaisy Lain, Keeani Lei and Giselle Yum), the concept of his awareness project fell quickly into place.

Where exactly the well-worn American term ‘420’ comes from remains something of a mystery. Some say that 420 was a secret code used by dealers not wanting to talk too openly over the phone about their goods, others say that the term comes out of the law enforcement community, where a 420 code refers to an infraction of the marijuana laws. In any event, we have been grateful for some time for the very issues-free ‘420 babes’ who have worked with Rob Griffin on his websites and book, because they are the subject of one very cool book, as these gorgeous photos can testify. — Soft Secrets Magazine – Issue 3 2007 – Europe

The hottest new stoner book is Naked Girls Smoking Weed, a compilation from For the uninitiated, that’s a website with thousands of nude photos of stoners worldwide: girl-next-door chicks hitting bongs; porn stars posed in grow rooms; and natural beauties holding bountiful buds. This book is surprisingly good in a number of ways. The design and layout are clean and obviously not cut rate (it’s hardcover); text only comes in the form of short, non-distracting quotes dispersed throughout; and the women cover all bases from gorgeous babes to cute girls, sexual sirens to innocent pin-ups. Some are clearly stoner girlfriends toking in the bedroom, while others are obviously professional models in large grow rooms or with huge bongs.

When this book was passed around for reviews both men and women enjoyed it, and gave only positive comments. You may think I’ve really “sold out” on this one, but it’s actually a quality publication that has something for everyone.

Cannabis Culture Magazine loves the book by Rob Griffin NAKED GIRLS SMOKING WEED! We have our own special NAKED GIRL SMOKING WEED reading the book NAKED GIRLS SMOKING WEED in the upcoming issue of Cannabis Culture, .66. Its POT.TV personality Rhiannon smoking hot naked reading your great book. — Marc Emery – Cannabis Culture Magazine – Canada

What more of an excuse do you need to curl up with a good book than this? Take the best babes from the 420 Girls website, throw in some fun little factoids about everyone’s favorite weed (can’t decide whose pot-related quote we liked better, Bill Hicks or Richard Nixon), put it all together and you have one big winner as far as we’re concerned. Editor Griffin gets extra points because among the 420 Girls included, you’ll find Penthouse Pets Celeste Star, Aimee Sweet, Melissa Jacobs, and cover girl Charlie Laine – a smoking bunch of gals if there ever was one. — Eric Danville – Penthouse Magazine – September 2007

“About this title” may belong to another edition of this title. NAKED GIRLS SMOKING WEED (9783936709261) and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices.