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Alpha Omega Vapes Review

  • Alpha Omega Vapes Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Alpha Omega Vapes Brand with no stars because it qualifies for none of the Badges.

User Review

Alpha Omega Vapes: 60-Second Summary

Relax and feel great — that’s what Alpha Omega wants us to do. But we find it pretty difficult to relax with the strikingly limited amount of information they provide about their CBD oil and CBD e-liquids. We know the company is just starting out, but consumers deserve to know what they’re getting when it comes to CBD supplements. Alpha Omega has some major strides to make.

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Alpha Omega Vapes Brand Review

Our review for Alpha Omega is short since there’s really not much to go on. The brand states they make premium CBD e-liquid made with the finest ingredients. They claim each of their varieties are made with full-spectrum and taste great.

However, we cannot verify if their CBD vape liquids are indeed full-spectrum. There are no potency tests to show cannabinoid profiles, and Alpha Omega does not even mention that they conduct independent tests. Their About page is plagiarized, with some generic information about CBD oil, extraction methods, etc.

Speaking of, we do not know the extraction method employed by Alpha Omega, nor where their hemp is sourced, nor how it is grown. The company does not even provide a cohesive mission statement. In a nutshell, the Quality, Safety, and Mission Badges are all out of the question.

Currently, Alpha Omega offers five varieties of CBD e-liquids:

  • Poseidon Blueberry Ice
  • Medusa Crunch Berry
  • Hercules Mango Black Currant
  • Hades Fireball
  • Aphrodite Strawberry Apple

Each CBD vape liquid comes in 300, 500, or 1000mg concentrations at $40-$80. Ingredients include CBD (supposedly full spectrum), VG, and polysorbate. Alpha Omega does not include flavoring in their ingredients lists, so we don’t know if they use naturally-derived or artificial flavors.

With so little information and a (perhaps unintentional) disregard for consumer education, we say wait this one out.

Bottom Line – Alpha Omega does not provide adequate information to make us feel confident in purchasing their CBD e-liquids.

This Alpha Omega Vapes Review reveals the truth about this company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this before buying Alpha Omega CBD Vapes.

300mg Full Spectrum CBD Vape E-Liquid from Alpha Omega-5 Flavors

300mg Hemp Oil Vape E-Liquids


Highly effective vape juice provides a great way to experience the health benefits of hemp extracts

Product Details

300mg Full Spectrum CBD Vape E-Liquid from Alpha Omega-5 Flavors
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract oil
  • Bold flavors
  • Nicotine- and THC-free
  • Add to any vape device and enjoy at 45–55 watts; no steeping required
  • Hemp extract content: 300mg
  • Size of product: 60ml

For post-purchase inquiries, please contact customer support.

300mg Full Spectrum CBD Vape E-Liquid from Alpha Omega-5 Flavors