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Smart Organics Advanced CBD Oil w/ Terpene Complex Review

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Smart Organics Full Spectrum Advanced CBD Oil – 18.5% (Cannabidiiol) – 375 mgs with Terpene Complex Review

It’s time for another Disciple 420 product review on CBD OIl, and this blog post features a 375mg, 18.5% (Cannabidiol) concentrate CBD oil with Terpene Complex, made by a company by the name of Smart Organics. We found this product at our local CBD Specialty Shop in Salisbury, North Carolina by the name of PhenomWell CBD Store. We did a review of PhenomWell CBD store not to long ago, so decided to drop back by and check out some of their other CBD products.

The last time we were in the store we tried their Revolution brand product that was of great quality, so we decided to go with their Smart Organics brand of full-spectrum CBD Oil. We’ve also been interested in trying the Terpene Complex as well, so this was a perfect product for me and my wife to try together. The dosage worked out perfect for halving when accounting for body weight for the two of us, as the wife adjusts to the initial effects of CBD & cannabis wellness products.

Here is a picture of the product before opening.

  • Smart Organics CBD Oil w/ Terpene Complex
  • The side of Packaging for Smart Organics CBD Oil with Terpene Complex
  • Dosage Suggestions for Smart Organics CBD Oil w/ Terpene Complex

Product Packaging Details

As you can see the product packaging is very professional and clearly marked a nutritional supplement. The product is Chlorophyll Free, 100% Solvent Free, non-GMO, and Gluten Free. It is also 100% solvent free, grown with European Hemp, and blended with 100% botanically derived terpenes, as noted on the packaging.

In this box was 375 mgs of CBD oil containing 18.5% CBD Oil (Cannabinoid) from Hemp, with a Terpene Complex Proprietary Blend. It is a full-spectrum CBD oil product, meaning that it does contain a small amount of THC that is less than 0.3%, as required by law. If you have drug testing for employment or probation, you may want to use the broad spectrum version of this product.

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Supplemental Information & Dosage Recommendations

Moving on to the supplemental information, the daily recommended dosage of this CBD oil is 1 mL, and the product contains 30 Servings. Recommended dosage is 1 mL dropper full of the product, as needed or directed by healthcare provider. Taking 1 dropper full a day would be a month supply, but this is probably more like a 2 week supply for myself and my wife.

Product Pricing

For a two week supply for two people the price of the product was around $80. It seems high at first, but after checking around at some other stores for the same products, its right their in the ballpark for retail store pricing. I’m sure you can find it cheaper online somewhere, but we’re trying to support the local CBD distributors, and the instant access to the purchased product is nice too.

Taste Review

Now it was time to remove the seal and give this CBD oil product a sample. As a cannabis enthusiast, I always like the taste of oil but was looking forward to seeing how the terpenes interacted with the CBD oil flavor. Drawing a full dose for myself, and a half dose for the wife, we both took a dose and held it under the tongue.

  • Front Photo of Smart Organics CBD Oil with Terpene Complex Bottle
  • Supplement Facts for Smart Organics CBD Oil w/ Terpene Complex Photo

I must say it had a little bit more of a tingle than regular CBD oil at first, and then the CBD oil flavor gradually kicked in. It was nice to have two different sensations when dosing the CBD oil, so I would definitely recommend trying some CBD oil with terpenes, whether it’s this product or another after trying it myself.

Effect Review

After the taste had finally wore off, the effect begin to take hold. It took about 20-30 minutes to really feel the effect, which is about average time for myself, however, it didn’t have the initial strong effect some other CBD oil’s I’ve tried had yet, but it still had a slightly above average initial effect.

While the initial effect may not have been as strong as others, it does seem like the longevity of the effect is right up there with some of the other CBD oil products that we’ve reviewed. Overall, we would give the Smart Organics brand of CBD Oil with Terpene an above average rating on the effect.

Overall Recommendation

Having tried quiet a few brands now, I’d have to say I would give this product a try if I was looking. While I’m one that likes the initial effect to be a little stronger, adjusting the dose made the difference for me. My wife however likes the fact that the initial effect isn’t so strong, and the product last longer than some others we’ve tried.

Since part of the fun of CBD oil and the cannabis culture is trying new products, give this one a shot if you see it on the shelf. Thanks for reading Disciple 420 and we hope you enjoyed this CBD oil review. Be sure to check out our latest Disciple 420 posts for more in cannabis news and reviews.

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