acdc cbd oil for sale

AC/DC CBD Oil For Sale


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AC/DC CBD Oil made using the Rick Simpson method as a guide, CBD oil is extracted using quality ACDC cannabis flowers and 200 proof 100% food grade alcohol (KleenXtract) rather than denatured Naphtha. 100% organic grow and organic alcohol extraction process with AC/DC strain, tested to contain over 53% CBD and 15% THC. It won’t get you very stoned but is jam packed is many medicinal qualities not found in high THC strains, many of which have less than 1% CBD. Also contains more healing properties than found in industrial hemp extracts. Reduces nausea and vomiting, Suppresses seizure activity, combats anxiety and neurodegenerative disorders. It is Antipsychotic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer and an Anti-depressant. Use on top of your flowers, line your jays, take a drop under the lounge, or put in your refillable vape pens.

Order AC/DC CBD Oil From Marijuana Strains Store. AC/DC CBD Oil made using the Rick Simpson method as a guide, CBD oil is extracted using quality ACDC cannabis flowers.

Acdc cbd oil for sale

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    ACDC is a popular sativa-dominant strain with a high level of CBD and low level of THC. It has deep and light green colours with orange accents throughout.