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Fabrics or 100% hemp canvas, culture weaving are European. These fabrics are a beautiful smooth and soft, fabric or canvas for all uses, clothing, furniture, decoration . Hemp fiber is very strong, it will keep a good appearance for a long time. Hemp is static, that means it does not attract dirt and oxygen content (hollow fiber) confers anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Hemp fabrics have an effective natural protection against moths, it is for this reason that one can find at the bottom cabinets grandmothers linen hemp still intact from the early century . Our hemp fabrics provide your home a different ambience, peaceful where you feel good. All fabrics are machine washable, they do not necessarily require ironing, drying in the dryer is possible, it will restore your tissue swelling and its natural sweetness and beautify your tissue over time .

Pure hemp natural fabrics, organic and natural fabric by excellence.Un natural and ecological fabric by the meter for clothing, furniture, renovation of your furniture, upholstery, medieval

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Our hemp fabric stock collection includes dozens of unique hemp fabrics. Each of the following hemp fabric collections contains either 100% or hemp blended with other fabrics.

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